geek leak

geek (gēk) n. A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits.
leak (lēk) v. To allow to become known; disclose information.
geek leak (gēk lēk) n. The humble musings of a mild-mannered geek.


Zan Hawklight - Beast Rider

Written by The Geek on 2015-05-08   

In the northern reaches of Greyhawk, just beyond the Vesve forest lies the territory of the Wolf Nomads. These tribes of warriors are known for their affinity for different sorts of wolves. In the case of Zan's tribe, it was the Dire Wolf. Growing up in the tribe was simple for Zan Hawklight. He was unusually large, easily towering 2 heads above the other youths his age. He took to his training as a warrior with earnest, and showed great potential to one day be one of the mightiest warriors his tribe had ever known. Except Zan had a secret.


The Hazards of a Misplaced Fireball

Written by The Geek on 2015-01-26   

You enter a room where the air around you is hot, nearly uncomfortably so.  The floor is solid, but it seems the small tunnel you are walking through is surrounded on the sides and top by water, being held back by some mysterious force.  This would explain the 3 sets of steel re-enforced doors you had to pry open to get in here.  If whatever holds back this water should fail, it could flood the whole complex.

A short bit further, the narrow passage opens into a huge dome-shaped room.  This room echoes the hallway, seemingly surrounded by water on all sides except the rocky floor.  By the bubbles rising rapidly through the water, you quickly surmise that the water outside this "bubble" must be boiling hot, which explains the stifling heat.  In the center of the room stands a Giant Crab!  Wow, just one pincer is larger than your whole body!


Rori Willowroot - Vanaran Ranger

Written by The Geek on 2015-01-26   

Rori Willowroot was born in his childhood home, high above the ground in the lush jungle of his homeland.  His parents were attentive and caring, and their tribe by extension was very close.  The first 12 years of Rori's life were of care-free and child-like behaviors.  Racing through the trees with the other kids in his tribe, looting the hanging fruit orchards, and generally getting into just the appropriate amount of trouble for a young Vanaran his age.

Several moons past his 10th year, there were whispers among the tribe about a group of outsiders spotted by one of the adults.  These were people unlike Vanarans and the tribe decided as one that they must stay away.  Rori was unable to quench his curiosity.


Gezalt - Ogre Backstory

Written by The Geek on 2015-01-26   

In the northeast of Middenland, stuck in the mountains roughly between the grand city of Middenheim and the Brass Keep, lies the village of Sokh.  Sokh is a cesspool of a place, which made it just like every other village inhabited by ogres in the empire.

Growing up as an Ogre isn’t easy.   Gezalt spent most of his childhood wondering where the next punch or kick was going to come from.   His father would give him the worst beatings, nearly as bad as the ones his mother would give.  He was very lucky young ogre to have such parents, who did their best to make him tough and strong.


AetherCon is Uber Cool

Written by The Geek on 2013-11-21   

Role playing games (RPGs) are a mainstay in geek culture.  Historically, a bunch of gamers get together around a table where a GM (game master) creates for them an immersive world, where they control characters who make their way through life and adventure, using dice rolls to handle chance situations.  The advent of the internet and the introduction of Virtual Tabletops has allowed gamers to begin to blur the geographic boundaries that used to impact the people that could play in the same game together.  Aethercon takes that one step further, as an online RPG convention where gamers can meet new people and play in games both familiar and new.  All for FREE.


Home Buyers need an EBA

Written by The Geek on 2011-10-18   

I recently purchased my first home.  Home ownership, as I have learned, can be both challenging and rewarding.  Shopping for a home was somewhat difficult, because I was living in South Florida, and looking for houses in Northern Georgia.  I first tried using a Real Estate Agent who was in the area I wanted to move, but she quickly became slow to respond and not very eager to assist.  I needed help. And thats when I learned about NAEBA.


Geek-Leak hits the scene

Written by The Geek on 2010-12-22   

If you have ever been to Geek-Rant, this site may seem familiar to you.  Actually, it's nearly a duplicate of it's sister site.  The difference is, unlike Geek-Rant, this site is not aimed at ranting and raving about topics that get under my skin from time to time.